Why have we chosen snails? The answer is clear. They have tasty and healthy meat which is free of fat and cholesterol! In fact, the high unsaturated fatty acid content of snail meat actually helps to reduce them.


Delicatessen Snailex Ltd. started snail farming and its processing in 1991.This was also at the time when the French started farming this species of snail. Even two years of financial losses and psychological challenges did not shut us down. It only pushed us to develop our own successful and ecologically friendly technology of farming and processing. We succeeded to domesticate this snail species and, in particular, initiate their reproduction in the Czech Republic’s climate. Our reward for all of this hard work is the fact that you can see and even taste products which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Did you know that people started eating snails a long time ago? Even in ancient Greece and Rome, snails were farmed in special gardens and parks. They were served during feasts in numerous gourmet dishes. Snails make nice trimmings on festive tables and are among the most attractive starters all over the world. In Europe, they are usually served on Christmas and Easter, as the Pope blessed and recognized snails as an Advent meal.

Although the snail is considered to be very slow, it’s a record holder in farming. Within only three months it grows to its slaughter weight (this represents a 200x increase in weight) and is able to lay up to 300 eggs at a time. It doesn’t demand a lot of space and it doesn’t bother the neighbours with noise or bad odours.

In the wild, Helix Aspersa Maxima (Gros Gris - big edible snail) lives only in Northern Africa and looks like our European garden snail. What makes it different is that it’s fully grown at the age of five months, its reproduction ability is much stronger and its high quality meat is highly sought after within gastronomic circles. It’s a real “King of the Snails”!