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We were born in the skin.

Skin is what holds us together. It is what protects us and presents. For thousands of years, people seek the best for their skin, yet for millions of years animals with shell and antennae are moving around the world. These creatures are haunted by gardeners, searched by gourmets and now cosmetic companies are joining by. Why?

Snail can.

It can fix its house when damaged. It is never sick and his skin remains healthy and young from birth to death. Can you imagine this?


have slowly begun to unravel, when we started collecting snails in the 90s at the farm and found out that during their collection all wounds on our hands, which can’t be avoided during collection were completely healed by the next day. And not only that, someone’s old scars had minimized and smoothed out and cracked skin on the hands had always softened. It was clear to us that "there’s something about it." After many years, we have returned to this idea and brought it to a successful end. Today, these unique products are here - Snail Extract and Snail Cream!

Snail extract

is 99%-the snail secretion that snails secrete in certain conditions. It's not slime that snails leave behind in their tracks. Getting secretion is very labor-intensive and technologically complex. Especially as the snails can’t be too stressed, or otherwise damaged healthwise. Our chosen method is friendly to snails and after removal of secretions may snails return safe and sound to his companions. We have created absolutely pure natural snail extract for our customers, without additional ballast substances to achieve the fastest possible and safe result. Snail Extract and Snail Cream brings an ambitious new possibilities to the world of skin care. It brings new hope and help.

Why does it work?

The reason is that human skin is structurally very similar to the snail skin. This is not only visually, but also the composition! Tests carried out by scientists confirmed the high compliance in the composition and structure of human and snail skin. If you don’t believe, check this. See photo (Snail on a finger)


Screening showed that the skin of these creatures is made of the same structures present in human skin: e.g. collagen and elastin - connective tissue. By keeping water in the skin all the time and having secured constant replenishment of collagen and elastin, they have no problem with its aging. In the event that the integrity of the skin is damaged, they trigger a mechanism to regenerate it. This is a fascinating piece of nature in order to maintain vital biological complex.

While roaming in the nature, their leg (skin), thanks to which they move is subject to all aggressive environmental influences. In case of disruption of its integrity, they excrete to the surface of the skin substances that successfully eliminates risks such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and sometimes chemicals accumulated in some areas by human activity. Thanks to its excellent immune system they are able to survive, otherwise they would be exterminated long ago. It is therefore not surprising that it works so well for a large number of unpleasant skin woes, which us people are suffering. In other words, what people are trying to conjure up for ages, the snail endowed as a gift from the greatest artist - Mother Nature ...